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About Us

Wellhouse Academy is a private Christian school, currently enrolling preschool-5th grade. Founded on the truth of who God is, and who we are in Him. Our school is a place of protection and covering, to partner with you in raising your children in God's way. Without compromise and without fear. We believe in planning for a life of academic success while preparing for eternity. 


Our teachers use a Bible centered curriculum that holds fast to the truth of Gods word, along with a variety of teaching strategies, and strong student community to establish a vibrant learning atmosphere.  We individualize learning which allows each student to thrive in their area of giftedness and advance their academic progress.  For those students who excel in specific areas, we allow for deeper more rigorous assignments. Teachers emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, logic, investigative problem solving, and deep understanding over mundane memorization. We create active and engaged learning opportunities with real world application in every area of our student’s education. 

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