Wellhouse Academy is here to serve students 1st through 6th grade. Our faculty and staff work to create a safe, nurturing environment where every child is encouraged to grow academically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. 

Our teachers use a Bible centered curriculum, a variety of teaching strategies, and strong student community to establish a vibrant learning atmosphere.  We individualize learning which allows each student to thrive in their area of giftedness and advance their academic progress.  For those students who excel in specific areas, we allow for deeper more rigorous assignments. Teachers emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, logic, investigative problem solving, and deep understanding over mundane memorization. We create active and engaged learning opportunities with real world application in every area of our student’s education. 

Elementary School Student

Educate for excellence.
Equip for Eternity.

Our goal is to create students that have the academic understanding, emotional intelligence, and spiritual maturity to prepare them for every situation and transition that they will encounter as they grow.


At Wellhouse Academy we believe in a well-rounded education, not only in the core subjects, but also, biblical principal and special elective courses.  We desire each student to experience arts, athletics, activities, spiritual formation, and community service that are essential to a Wellhouse Academy education. 

Presence. People. Kingdom.

Wellhouse Academy is an extension of the ministry of Wellhouse Church and therefore students will learn how to experience the presence of God, which will help them understand their identity in Christ.  This identity is rooted in the love of God, when we experience HIS love for us, it will educate us how to love one another, and when we love others with the love of Jesus, the Kingdom of God will be built, one person at a time. 

At Wellhouse Academy every student will achieve excellence in education and equipping for eternity.